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Open WoundsThe first cut brings a wave of calm that immediately washes over her The second, an incomparable bliss The third, euphoria in its purest, most absolute form A twisted and often unsettling glimpse into the mind of an unwitting victim, OPEN WOUNDS tells the story of a young girl s battle to maintain her safety and sanity after she is preyed upon by a savage predator She finds only the slightest comfort in scrawling the details of her horrific tale onto the pages of a leatherbound diary But when her living nightmare becomes than she can bear, the only comfort she finds is beneath the blade of a paring knife Night after night, she slices into her own tender flesh, while praying for some escape from a world filled with anguish and torment Before long, those leatherbound pages are dripping with crimson and soon, open wounds become ripples of scar tissue. Download Open Wounds By Brandon Ford –

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  1. Excellent ReadThis book is a little different than I usually read It felt like an account of a real person This is the story of many young people and I hope it hits home to those who can help.