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Critical Power Tools The first book to focus on the intersection of cultural studies and technical communication, Critical Power Tools draws on various traditions of cultural studies to develop new or expanded theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical approaches to technical communication Offered as a sourcebook for the field, the book is organized into three parts The first section, emphasizing theory building, reconceptualizes key concepts or practices, such as usability, through a cultural studies lens The second section illustrates alternative research methods through several case studies The third section offers critical and productive pedagogical approaches, including specific assignments, applicable to both undergraduate and graduate courses. Free Download [ Critical Power Tools ] author [ J. Blake Scott ] –

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  1. I had to read this for a course, but its wide selection of largely well written essays sparked interest for me in contemporary technical communication, a subject I d never really thought to consider before.

  2. This book is an amazing must read for any technical communicator who leans toward the humanistic and rhetorical side of technical communication.