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Indonesian Political Thinking 1945-1965 This collection of than one hundred excerpts from speeches, lectures, articles, and pamphlets, most of the not previously available in English, is regarded as the principal source book on Indonesian politics for the post revolution period of 1945 1965.Chosen to define and illuminate the country s complex issues, the selections provide a balanced, comprehensive, and well ordered survey of Indonesian political thinking from just before independence to the fall of Sukarno After an introduction by Herbert Feith in which he discusses the Indonesian intellectual and his place in politics, the major and minor Indonesian figures of the period express their political views and their responses to the events of the first twenty years of independence A commentary at the beginning of each chapter supplies background material relating to the selections Three appendixes offer brief biographies of the Indonesian authors, a glossary of unfamiliar terms, and a chronological chart Indonesian Political Thinking, now brought back to life in Equinox Publishing s Classic Indonesia series, is a must have resource for Indonesians and Indonesianists alike HERBERT FEITH year was professor of Politics at Monash University, Victoria, Australia He first became familiar with Indonesian problems when he was an English Language Assistant with the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Indonesia during the 1950s He received the MA degree from the University of Melbourne, the PhD from Cornell University, and was a Research Fellow in the Department of Pacific History, Australian National University, 1960 62 Professor Feith is author of The Decline of Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia, also a member of Equinox Publishing s Classic Indonesia series LANCE CASTLES graduated from Melbourne University, Australia, received the MA degree from Monash University, and the PhD degree from Yale University He is the author of Religion, Politics, and Economic Behavior in Java The Kudus Cigarette Industry. Read Indonesian Political Thinking 1945-1965 author Herbert Feith –

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