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Back in Blighty World War One had a devastating, cataclysmic impact on the world and the British people As its reverberations were so long lasting and significant, it is easy to assume that the social consequences were as profound In this highly readable and moving survey of life back at home during the First World War, Gerard DeGroot challenges this assumption, finding pre war social structures and ways of life were surprisingly resilient Despite economic and technological changes, the British people found ways to cling onto their usual ways of life as much as possible in this new world Back in Blighty has been fully revised to take into account new scholarship and historical perspectives, and is full of fascinating glimpses into everyday life during the war The lives of ordinary people are illuminated and given historical significance in this powerful portrait of the British people and their culture. Read Back in Blighty –

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  1. Really good read about the political landscape before, during and after the first World War Some interesting concepts including how the war and the generals were perceived during and after the fihghting being very different to how they are perceived n...