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Fight or Flight Ciaphas Cain s early years come to light as he fights alongside the Valhallan 12th Field Artillery on the world of Desolatia A short story from the Hero of the Imperium omnibus. Free Read [ Fight or Flight ] by [ Sandy Mitchell ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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  1. The first story about Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM.Just because something is unique, doesn t mean it s good.Some times, though, it really is In a setting as grimdark as the warhammer 40K galaxy, the Ciaphas Cain series stands out as a bit lighter and softer Not because there aren t any world destroying daemon threats, or swarms of space bugs from beyo...

  2. I have to admit, this type of story is not one I would have personally looked at myself I am glad that it was sent to me I found that I really enjoyed it.

  3. The introductory Ciaiphas Cain story When he thought Cain would be a one story wonder He doesn t quite have his grip on Cain s character yet, but Cain s still recognizable As, indeed, is Jurgen, also introduced her.Can be found in the omnibus Ciaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium.

  4. Really good fun quick read.

  5. A solid short story that introduces the principle duo of accidental hero and steadfast grunt Well written and fun.